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A Few Frantics cover Johnny B. Goode

Released 60 years ago, on March 31, 1958, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry quickly rose to Number 2 on the Billboard charts. Here, in archival footage, preserved by Jill Scheidel, A Few Frantics perform their rendition based the recording by Peter Tosh. 

Steady Up - The New Frantics



Our Music Heals!


TNF came to be out of musical camaraderie of friends, all who had performed in various bands at various times, after coming together to do a show in the SF East Bay small town of Martinez.

Led by Scotty O'Neill, a local stylistic covers-performer for years who also writes catchy originals; this 5 Piece band has made Live Music-performing their special gift for parties, venues small and large and continues to bring musical joy from R&B, Songwriter, Funk, Rock both classic and pop.  TNF band has been known to 'take you through various genres' with ear-pleasing harmonies, incredible guitar licks and musicianship that all enjoy.  

They also are philanthropic every year, gifting their musical shows often to St. Baldrick's, American Cancer Society, Local Schools and individual campaigns for local people in our community, for to give is getting back!  It's our way of being, and we welcome you to our club!

This One Goes to 11...


Rather than the volume be up too loud, we're more about bringing your spirits up when you hear us play...and selfishly, unabashedly, we end up benefiting from the audience participation in our shows.  It seems happiness is truly infectious, and how can anyone argue with that these days!?  It's kinda like 'you smile, we smile, you smile more, we happily play, the smiles galore, now That's a day!'

Dancing not only allowed, but encouraged!


Yeah yeah, we've all heard it - 'come on up and dance!' as a band asks...you can't force it!  But the force of Happy will make your feet want to be too, and it's okay, we'll dance with you!

TNF - Who We Are


Scotty O'Neill - Vocals, guitar

Scotty started cutting his chops in music back in the 90s on keys and vocals, but found guitar and the connection to the audience to be his calling when he formed the Scotty O'Neill Band back in 2012.  Once he realized the talent of these fine folks below, the band was modified to The New Frantics, with all members bringing individual musical influences into the fold for choosing our set lists, genres and styles.  Luckily, Scotty's original songs have been not only well-received by the rest, but also crafted in style as we continue our musical journey together!

Vince Vittoria - Lead guitarist

With decades of guitar musicality under his belt in the Bay Area music scene dating back to the 1970s this man simply astonishes those who hear his stylistic approach, technically and aesthetically brilliant licks, riffs, runs, leads and co-writing skills to make our songs that hit-potential!

Bruce Holloway - Bassist

Bruce Holloway has been a local staple in many a local well-known and respected band, laying down the low end with his keen sense of adaptability and style.  He's also one of the nicest guys you'll be lucky to know.

Don 'Sputnik' Juelich - Drums & Vocals

An artist in his own right, Sputnik is the man laying down the beats, and bringing vocal harmonies to wow!  In addition to being an actor, he's familiar with stage time after many years as a live music performer.  By the way, his clothes always rock and evoke a style beyond the best frontman's wardrobe!

Toni Bondurant - Vocalist 2019...

The New Frantics officially welcomed into our mix in the spring of 2019; Toni Bondurant, a fantastically skilled and soulful vocalist who is bringing new material to our band as well as coming on strong with some of The New Frantics' crowd favorite covers and originals, and we're growing every day together with this amazing new co-lead vocalist! 

Kayleen Parks - Vocalist 2015-2018

Kayleen Parks was a crucial change to The New Frantics, infusing the balance to our testosterone with her beautiful vocals and style on stage to balance out the Franticness.  We sure appreciated her amazing presence in our band from 2015-2018 and hope she can come guest with us at times when she's back in California!

Upcoming Shows

We just completed our 30th show this year at Slow Hand BBQ in downtown Martinez...what an amazing turn out of Frantic-Fans'n'Friends!  Y'all really brought us the love and we loved sharing our stuff with you!! 

This closes out the summer/fall concert season for The New Frantics with:

Dec 7/8 MMM Holiday Fundrasier at Armando's (details TBA)

Thursday, Dec 12: Frantically Acoustic Show at WiseGirl Pleasant Hill

Friday, Dec 20:  TNF Live At Roxx On Main


Many more coming.

No upcoming events.


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